weekly art wednesday: two daffodils

Today was a wonderful day. My kind of day. I got lots of things done so I felt productive (including making a significant dent in a ginormous pile of Chateau laundry), spent time outdoors weeding flower beds, went on a bike ride, had a good chunk of time for artwork, and had a scrumptious supper of yummy grainy bread, a perfectly ripe pear, and…

weekly art wednesday: crocuses!

We got back to France on Monday…and the crocuses are up over here! Hooray!  acrylic on watercolor paper. 5″ by 7″. shop here.

weekly art wednesday

Have you heard about The Sketchbook Project? It’s a giant collaboration where artists all around the world fill in provided Moleskine sketchbooks however they please, send them to the good folks at the Project headquarters in Brooklyn to work their organizing magic, and then sigh in contentment knowing that their books are being sent on tour to art galleries and museums around the US….

weekly art wednesday: Dijon

So far, this traveling/visiting/lack of schedule thing hasn’t done wonders for keeping up with artistic discipline. So this week, I’m pulling out a painting that I finished not too long ago; it’s inspired by buildings in the lovely city of Dijon (yes, where the mustard comes from) and one of my favorite French cars, the Renault Clan. paper collage and oil on canvas, approx….

weekly art "wednesday"…christmas edition

Wishing you peace and joy on this most special of days! photoshop collage of ink & watercolor sketches

winter wanderings, part one

Tonight I’m at home, in the house where I grew up. The christmas tree is glowing, all the same holiday decorations are up, Mom’s in the kitchen making dinner. If Jay wasn’t on the couch next to me I would definitely feel like I was back in high school. It’s good to be home. We left France two weeks ago, and spent a week…

weekly art wednesday: Columbia River Gorge

We’re heading home to the States in a few days. Our time will be divided between Indiana and Portland (with friends to visit along the way in Iowa and Colorado)…plus a trip to the East Coast (visits in Ohio on the way, then on to PA, North Carolina, & New York). I’m so excited to spend time with family & friends, eat spicy foods,…

8 years

Jay and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary this past week. I tend to avoid public sentimentality…but I just have to say that it is so, so wonderful to get to share life with him. And honestly, it just keeps getting better. This Thanksgiving weekend, I am a very thankful girl. We splurged and had lunch at this restaurant behind us (it would be…

weekly art wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving!

In the celebration of bounty: a couple of little vegetable sketches.Happy Thanksgiving! garlic. pen & ink. 4.5″ by 6.5″ neighbor’s tomatoes. pen & ink, watercolor. 4.5″ by 6″. shop here

on the Château table: November 17, 2010

This week my creative endeavors were limited to the kitchen, as we had lots of guests here to take care of. Here’s a sampling of this week’s cuisine: beet salad with soft goat cheese and toasted walnuts, savoy cabbage leaves stuffed with sausage, poached pears… with homemade caramel sauce, roquette salad with grana padano cheese and toasted hazlenuts, caramel-apple tartes (I’m really into this…