spring: tulips & daffodils

Okay, I’ve been taking WAY too many photos of flowers this spring. I kind of get panicky because I know they won’t be here for long and I guess this is some kind of way to try to make good things last forever.

weekly art wednesday: egg tempera

These are close-ups of a daffodil painting I did using egg tempera at the local art class that I’m taking. It was my first time using real-live egg tempera, and it was lots of fun mixing the egg with the pigment and experimenting with how the paint worked. The painting as a whole wasn’t a crashing success, but I thought that there were elements…

weekly art wednesday: mistletoe

One of my favorite things about winter in France is mistletoe in bare trees…I know it’s not so great for the trees but it’s just so lovely! I’m stoked about spring and all the green on the way, but I will miss scenes like this: French Landscape: Mistletoe in Winter Trees. charcoal on paper, 12 x 16″. shop here

our cool neighbors

Our village is full of really great people, and these neighbors just a few doors down are particularly wonderful. They are farmers who grow willow shoots sold to basket-makers, and also make their own line of baskets. They are warm and kind and friendly, and have made our time in France all the more special! Here’s a little tour of their place:

on the Château table, March 28

What’s cookin’ chez nous today…     Salad course: sautéed mushroom salad with jambon cru & grana padano.  Main course: potato gratin… …with lemony chicken.  Cheese course: I love these dried-fruit covered cream cheeses…they’re pretty much like eating cheesecake.   and white cake with mascarpone/whipped cream filling and “red fruits” for dessert. (thanks to Jay for his photographic and culinary collaboration!)

soup festival

Some friends took us to a local soup festival, which is a wonderful thing to do on a cold early-spring evening. Especially when there are cool fire-dancers like this: and awesome French chefs like this (the one on the left is a friend of ours):

bike ride

No, I do not take it for granted that these are the kinds of things we come across when out for a little bike ride!

spring around saint albain

Enjoying the early spring coming-back-to-life around our village:

weekly art wednesday: nursery drawings

Pictures for a very sweet little boy’s room: watercolor, ink, and colored pencil, 7″x7″