Build, Beaver, Build!

Sandra Markle/Illustrations by Deborah Hocking

Lerner Publishing Group, 2016


The first year of a beaver kit’s life is full of new discoveries and dangers. But the most important lesson the kit learns is how to take care of his family’s home. The lodge where he lives is protected by a long dam that many beavers have worked to build over the years. As the kit grows up, he helps repair and add to the family dam—and begins to build a life for himself. Set at what is believed to be the world’s longest beaver dam, Build, Beaver, Build—by award-winning author Sandra Markle—provides a glimpse of beaver life, seen through the eyes of one young beaver and his family.

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The Great Henry Hopendower

Justin Roberts/Illustrations by Deborah Hocking

G.P. Putnam’s Sons/Penguin Random House, 2017


Henry wakes up one bright morning ready to take on the day and find magic! After all, he is the Great Henry Hopendower—an aspiring young magician who learned everything he knows from the very best, his grandpa. Henry has so many favorite memories of his grandfather, including his house with its wobbly cuckoo clock and his famous leaning tower of pancakes that tipped but never toppled. And then there was the day his grandpa gave him a red checkered suit and shared the secret to being a magician: magic is everywhere, you just have to see it. So with Grandpa’s words as his guide, Henry sets off to do the truly impossible.
This heartwarming story is a celebration of the magic that surrounds us all and the people we love most.

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Max Explains Everything: Grocery Store Expert

Stacy McAnulty/Illustrations by Deborah Hocking

Penguin Random House, 2018


MAX knows EVERYTHING about trips to the grocery store because his parents make him go All. The. Time. Even when they run out of little things…like toilet paper. So he’s pretty much an expert. Whether it’s choosing the right breakfast cereal or surviving the obstacle course that is the produce section, Max is there to help. Having trouble talking Mom into finally getting the puppy she promised? Picking up a bag of dog food might just be the push she needs! And always remember to keep your eyes on the prize—the checkout lane is your last chance to grab the real essentials. Candy! Full of humor and “helpful” tips, Max Explains Everything: Grocery Store Expert is the first in a delightful new picture book series starring kid-expert Max!

★ “A fun romp around the grocery store that kids will relate to and a wonderful read-aloud.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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Max Explains Everything: Soccer Expert

Stacy McAnulty/Illustrations by Deborah Hocking

Penguin Random House, 2019


This hilarious, tongue-in-cheek guide from kid-expert Max reveals everything you need to know about the game of soccer.

Max knows a lot about soccer. After all, he’s been playing it for almost three weeks! So he’s pretty much an expert. Here Max shares his one-of-a-kind helpful tips including how to warm up (stretch, twirl, somersault), who’s who on the field (the ref is in yellow and wears a whistle–you should not bring your own whistle), and what to do with your hands since you can’t touch the ball (wave at fans, hide them in your shirt, play itsy-bitsy spider). But could Max possibly be forgetting something very important? Full of humor, energy, and warmth, Max Explains Everything: Soccer Expert is the perfect read aloud for novice players as well as for fellow “kid experts” on the game.

“McAnulty and Hocking score again.” —Kirkus Reviews

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