Daily Sketches become Weekly Exercises: 18/52!

Yep…I had an inkling this would happen…there’s just too much going on to keep up with any semblance of daily sketches! ­čÖé Aaaand…”sketches” probably aren’t the correct term for all of these…I WISH I could just sit down and whip these out, but they take a bit more time and revision than that! I need a more precise word…exercises, maybe?

So…here’s to WEEKLY exercises!

Happy summertime, and may your home be abundantly filled with berries and jam!

sketch 18 for web


Daily Sketches: 11-14/365

11 sketch-web

11/385: Banh mi Bear (yep, I know pandas aren’t bears…but they’re too cute to leave out!)


12 sketch-web

Switchin’ from bears to RODENTS! New method: rodent + random word =┬áinspiration. 12/365:┬áMouse + Explosion


13 sketch-web

13/365: Marmot + Tea


14 sketch-web

14/365: Elephant Shrew + Barista

Daily Sketches: 6-10/365

daily sketch 2

6/365 Scheming Bear


daily sketch 7

7/365 Hangry Bear


daily sketch 8

8/365 “Don’t Mess with my Kid” Bear


dialy sketch 9

9/365 Gung-ho Bear


daily sketch 3

10/365 Happy Peacelovin’ Vegan Bear


Daily Sketch: 5/365

daily sketch 5

Grumpy Bear.

Daily Sketch: 4/365

daily sketch 4

This is me, eating Jay’s birthday cake. ­čÖé

Daily Sketch: 3/365

daily sketch 6

Daily Sketch: 2/365

daily sketch 4