weekly drawings: 35-41


Happy Gnome

35/52 Happy Gnome

36/52: Sneaky Squirrel

37/52: Hesitant Hedgehog

38/52 Hoo Hoo!

39/52 Valentine’s Day Prepper

40/52: Shopping with Kids: not for the Faint of Heart

41/52: True Story!

weekly exercises 26-34

A little roundup of the past few months of weekly exercises.

Hipster Bear

26/52: Portland bear: pretty sure I saw him on Burnside the other day.

snake sketch

27/52: Snake sketch. Can’t wait to add color to this guy!

Read: Snake

28/52: And…color!

Bear in Woods

29/52: Walkin’ through the woods just makes ya happy.

Halloween Raccoon

30/52: Happy Halloween!


31/52: Admit it: sometimes reading makes you sleepy. Even Harry Potter.





















Northwest Landscape

32/52: Northwest landscape.


























33/52: Enjoy those fall colors while they’re here!

gnome with mandolin

34/52: Got a request for gnomes and mushrooms. I can safely say this is my first ever gnome drawing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess whose Etsy shop just (re)opened?!!

Guess what? I’ve got an Etsy shop again!

Check it out here, and keep an eye out for new stuff coming soon!

Screenshot 2015-11-05 13.56.54



Weekly Exercises 23-25


Must go on a hot air ride before I die! And over Paris would be pretty darn sweet.



“I can’t wait to get home and make a turnip-beet smoothie!”



Accordion Artichoke!

Weekly Exercises: 19-22

sketch24 for web

Dreaming of visiting France and renting a Citroen 2cv

23 sketch for web

21/51: I saw my first bear in the wild, up on Mt. Hood! He didn’t stick around to check us out.

22 sketch for web

20/52: Foxy Fiddler

sketch 20 for web

19/52: Summer = sleeping out and stargazing!

Daily sketches: 15-17 (forgot to post these earlier!)


15/365 mouse + mail carrier

17 sketch for web

16/365: for a French friend, a “cheer-up!” drawing illustrating the phrase “avoir le bourdon,” (to have a bumblebee) which regards feeling down.

16 sketch-web

17/365: mega deadline = daily drawings are going to have to go on the back burner for a while!