Portland Mercury: Earthquake Retrofits

Bolt House for Web 2

This is a piece I did last week for the Portland Mercury, a local paper (article here). It’s about bolting down houses to make them more earthquake proof…’cause we all know The Big One is coming. I personally want to go build my own completely earthquake proof house and never drive over any of the Portland bridges again (I can’t help it: the images from the LA quake of ’92 were permanently seared into my 12-year-old brain!). For which my husband laughs at me. (If he would only read this article he might be with me!) It’s almost enough to make me pack up and move back to Indiana. But then I realize it’s like -20 degrees there, so I guess for now I’ll take my chances here in Earthquake Territory.

***For the record: I honestly love Indiana, especially the wonderful people I know there! 😉 But the winters…those are crazy, man.***

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