starting up the blog again!

The last year and a half has been a big time of transition for us, including moving seven times, one of those being from France back to the good ol’ USofA, in January of 2013. We’re finally settled now in an apartment in my hometown of Portland, Oregon; I haven’t lived here for over 10 years so it feels great to be back! And during that time, Portland has somehow sort of become cool, which is super fun! I mean, it was always a special, magical place with all the nature around and it’s inherent funky vibe, but now there are amazing restaurants all over and tons of little neighborhood shops/markets/cafés…we seriously could spend our entire paycheck just on eating out!
It’s so good to be back, but of course very sad to say goodbye to people and places we love so much. I truly wish that we could have homes in Indiana, France, and Portland and spend four months per year in each place! But for now, until we win Oregon Megabucks, we will enjoy exploring this fabulous city and soaking up time with my wonderful family and old friends—not a bad prospect, indeed!

Okay, so technically this is Washington…but you can see Mt St Helens from Portland, so it kind of counts as where we live! 😉

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