art fair at our neighbors’

The past few months have been a whirlwind – a very tasty whirlwind, I might add. My six-week cooking class was rich in so many ways; I learned so much about French food and the surrounding culture and got a taste for what the Big Deal about French cuisine is all about. It’s pretty incredible. I’ll be posting photos of the course once I get them organized…but for now I’m movin’ on.

Our time here in France has been characterized by amazingly kind and friendly French people. We have some particularly gracious neighbors who have made us feel warmly welcomed into the community, inviting us into their home and including us in events and activities. They are in the basket-making profession; Monsieur grows reeds for basket-making and sells them to basket-makers all around France, and Madame has a thriving business of basket-making. Last weekend they hosted an open house of their farm and workshop, and they invited a few other local artisans to set up their wares for an art expo; there was a florist, a couple of wine-makers, a sculptor, a candle-maker, and Jay and I showed photography and paintings.

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