weekly art wednesday: château front steps

For today, a little sketch I just finished up a few minutes ago of the Château front door and steps. They really aren’t bright orange and pink, just so ya know. But I just got this really awesome set of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay India Inks and a bunch of colored tissue paper, and I was excited to play with the vibrant colors.

Château Front Door. gesso, india ink, and tissue paper on illustration board. shop here.

spring: tree blossoms

my spring haiku  🙂
cherry blossoms fade
in fact they’re already gone
i wait for next year 
wow, i don’t think i’ve written a haiku since the third grade!
this fragile spring season reminds me of the fleeting, ephemeral quality of life…that grasp as i may, i can’t make things/people/experiences last forever. and isn’t that why they are so precious? 
here are some blossoms (plus the bark of an ancient Château pear tree) from our little corner of creation:

weekly art wednesday: nadia the château cat, ink and collage

Here’s to our sweet little Château mascot, Nadia. Well, I don’t think the mice, birds, and lizards find her too sweet. And I guess neither do I when she brings those little gifts inside the house to be found in our closet, behind curtains, under our bed…
The paper for the collage is from an old French literature textbook, and as chance would have it I came across a story on cats to use for this piece. There are so many pages in this book that I’m sure I’ll never miss this one…but it still does feel strange to pull pages out of a book! 

home: bedroom

This room is one of my favorite places ever; I can’t believe we get to live in a real-life old stone cottage…in France! Pretty sure this will be the best bedroom of my life. It’s still under renovation, so I’ll try to post when we get it all finished up.

spring: tulips & daffodils

Okay, I’ve been taking WAY too many photos of flowers this spring. I kind of get panicky because I know they won’t be here for long and I guess this is some kind of way to try to make good things last forever.

weekly art wednesday: egg tempera

These are close-ups of a daffodil painting I did using egg tempera at the local art class that I’m taking. It was my first time using real-live egg tempera, and it was lots of fun mixing the egg with the pigment and experimenting with how the paint worked. The painting as a whole wasn’t a crashing success, but I thought that there were elements which, if seen on their own and not as part of the not-so-becoming whole, were kindof cool. 🙂

kitchen distractions: lettuce and chives