on the Château table, March 28

What’s cookin’ chez nous today…

Salad course: sautéed mushroom salad with jambon cru & grana padano.
Main course: potato gratin…

…with lemony chicken.

 Cheese course: I love these dried-fruit covered cream cheeses…they’re pretty much like eating cheesecake.

and white cake with mascarpone/whipped cream filling and “red fruits” for dessert.

(thanks to Jay for his photographic and culinary collaboration!)

One Comment on “on the Château table, March 28

  1. Yum! What great photo documentation and flavor combinations! The lemony chicken reminded me that it would probably be valuable to increase my meat preparing skills this year, as I've neglected that living around mainly girls (enough of them being vegetarian as well). I do love a good cheese course too!