weekly art wednesday: two daffodils

Today was a wonderful day. My kind of day. I got lots of things done so I felt productive (including making a significant dent in a ginormous pile of Chateau laundry), spent time outdoors weeding flower beds, went on a bike ride, had a good chunk of time for artwork, and had a scrumptious supper of yummy grainy bread, a perfectly ripe pear, and some amazingly creamy blue cheese. Contented sigh.

The daffodils were calling me today, so this evening I gave one of them a couple of tries. I’ve been dreaming of doing daffodils in a tissue paper + watercolor collage type of thing, but I have no tissue paper right now so that’ll just have to wait for another day!

acrylic and black ink on gessoed watercolor paper, 5″x7″. shop here.
charcoal on drawing paper, 5″x6″

One Comment on “weekly art wednesday: two daffodils

  1. I love your acrylic daffodil! Your weekly-wednesday postings of artwork inspire me to get back to the canvas and pull out all those paints…my discipline in the art-making realm has been pretty shot this year. I've enjoyed browsing your blog!