weekly art wednesday: Dijon

So far, this traveling/visiting/lack of schedule thing hasn’t done wonders for keeping up with artistic discipline. So this week, I’m pulling out a painting that I finished not too long ago; it’s inspired by buildings in the lovely city of Dijon (yes, where the mustard comes from) and one of my favorite French cars, the Renault Clan.

paper collage and oil on canvas, approx. 24″ by 36″

weekly art "wednesday"…christmas edition

Wishing you peace and joy on this most special of days!
photoshop collage of ink & watercolor sketches

winter wanderings, part one

Tonight I’m at home, in the house where I grew up. The christmas tree is glowing, all the same holiday decorations are up, Mom’s in the kitchen making dinner. If Jay wasn’t on the couch next to me I would definitely feel like I was back in high school.

It’s good to be home.

We left France two weeks ago, and spent a week or so at our other hometown in Indiana, where Jay’s family lives and where many of our dear friends are. Then we took off on our cross-country trek to Portland, stopping along the way to see friends and family. I am feeling SO incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful, caring people in our lives; reuniting with each person is a gift.

Just outside our village in Burgundy,
the day before we left.
Indiana! Jay was wandering in the woods and found this incredible plant. Any Hoosiers know what it might be?
On the road:
walking my brother & sister-in-law’s dog, just outside of Fort Collins, CO…
thankful to find this sign at a drive-through car wash, and not in a public restroom…

the Colorado plains…

Utah (or Wyoming?) night sky…

the Washington side of the Columbia River…
and the Oregon side, a few miles down the road…
watching our car hit 100,000 miles…and hoping the check engine light was nothing serious…

and ending up in lovely Northwestern Oregon. This is Multnomah Falls, just outside of Portland—it’s almost impossible to drive past without stopping for a quick visit.

weekly art wednesday: Columbia River Gorge

We’re heading home to the States in a few days. Our time will be divided between Indiana and Portland (with friends to visit along the way in Iowa and Colorado)…plus a trip to the East Coast (visits in Ohio on the way, then on to PA, North Carolina, & New York). I’m so excited to spend time with family & friends, eat spicy foods, hit some of my favorite shops in Portland (Powell’s, Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, Art Media, Sur la Table…), be able to communicate clearly in public (i.e. speak English), meet friends’ babies born since the last time we were home, savor the beauty of the Northwest and enjoy walks around lovely Winona Lake, IN. My sister in Portland has proposed a family evening of walking through Peacock Lane + hot chocolate + games which sounds so cozy & fun and I just can’t wait!

Columbia River Gorge. 8×10″. collage, mixed media. shop here

I did this piece of the Columbia River Gorge today, and working on it made me anticipate all the more our upcoming trip. I’m hoping the weather is nice enough while we’re in the Northwest to do a bit of hiking in the Gorge, visit the coast, and not be too miserable strolling around Downtown (Portland). Wishful thinking?