8 years

Jay and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary this past week. I tend to avoid public sentimentality…but I just have to say that it is so, so wonderful to get to share life with him. And honestly, it just keeps getting better. This Thanksgiving weekend, I am a very thankful girl.

We splurged and had lunch at this restaurant behind us (it would be much classier looking without the Twingo parked out front). It was the first time I’ve eaten at a restaurant in France that fit precisely that American ideal in my head of what a French restaurant “should” be like. The decor was so pretty and classic, the service staff incredibly on top of everything, and the food was beautiful, creative, and perfectly cooked. Wonderful.
We stayed at this charming B&B (which cost less than our lunch)…
the theme of the B&B was “la vie en rose” which could potentially be pretty scary, but they managed to restrain themselves to digestible quantities of pink,

visited the oldest chateau in Burgundy (there’s not a lot left to see…)

saw mysterious, orange-fruited trees (I’m so curious as to what they are…)
feasted our eyes on the last of this year’s hydrangeas,
and saw this strangely bumpy building…

(does anyone know what purpose these bumps would have served? Jay’s guess was to reduce cannon ball damage).

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