on the Château table: November 17, 2010

This week my creative endeavors were limited to the kitchen, as we had lots of guests here to take care of. Here’s a sampling of this week’s cuisine:

beet salad with soft goat cheese and toasted walnuts,
savoy cabbage leaves stuffed with sausage,
poached pears…

with homemade caramel sauce,
roquette salad with grana padano cheese and toasted hazlenuts,
caramel-apple tartes (I’m really into this caramel sauce right now) (I bought an apple-peeler-corer-slicer gadget, which makes homemade apple tartes a breeze. I don’t like how uniform the apple pieces turn out…it takes some of the handmade feel out of it…but when making six at once on a tight time-schedule one must choose one’s battles),
savory orange & greek olive salad (it’s surprisingly good!)
and these amazing orange and white-chocolate cakes, made by guest chef Loise K. They tasted every bit as wonderful as they looked, which in this case was no small feat. Bravo!

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