paris at night

Like most people in the world, I love Paris. We live just far enough away that we don’t get up there all that often, so I still get that “Paris is so cool” feeling when I’m there. One of my favorite things that we’ve done there was renting the public bikes, and traversing the city on wheels rather than by metro…it was lovely to cruise from place to place and be able to see all the things in between, rather than just emerging from a metro station and having no idea where we really were in relation to the last place. (traveling tidbit: you must use a credit card to rent the bikes, and normal American cards don’t work…the American cards with computer chips in them might work…not sure ’bout that though).
I did this drawing back in January, and then stashed it away and forgot about it. I found it again yesterday in a stack of drawing paper, a nice surprise. It’s from a time a few years ago when Jay and I were strolling around the city at night, and he took some sweet pictures of the Louvre pyramids & fountains; so great to be married to such an amazing photographer!

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