yay for community art classes!

I’ve decided to enroll in a local art class, and I’m really excited. It’s been SO long since I’ve been in the art classroom. I’m trying to decide between two different classes, and visited them both this week. The first one was an adult class at a community center,  and was really low-key and laid back…no worries about grades! There were five ladies taking the class, and the teacher is the super sweet and has lots of cool ideas. Yay! It was tons of fun and I felt like I used to feel back in elementary school when we had art class on Fridays, my favorite time of the whole week.

These are some snippets of the piece I worked on the other night. We made stencils of the letters of a secret word of our choice, and painted them all over the paper. I love layers, transparency, and gesso-texture…super fun! I’ll post a picture of the entire piece when I finish it.
I went to the other class last night. It’s also pretty laid back, but it’s at an art school and has a more rigorous, professional feel. The teacher was also very good and gave lots of helpful ideas and suggestions for each student’s work in a positive and constructive way. This class felt more like a college class…a bit more academic.
Here’s the drawing I did last night in that class…we wadded up kraft paper to give it a soft, crinkly texture, and then drew whatever we wanted using conté crayon.
So, I’m not sure which class to choose…I’d love to do both! Do I take the more fun one where I would learn some cool new mixed-media techniques, or the more rigorous and professional one where I would be more challenged and grow in my drawing & painting technique??? Aack! Decisions!

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