Happiness in the Kitchen

I recently discovered Katie’s blog, and I just love her commitment to celebrate all things happy in life. I have the tendency to be very aware of negative things… so, inspired by Katie, I’m gonna start being deliberate about being positive. Here are a few of the happy things about my weekend working in the Chateau kitchen!

naming recipes after friends,
dancing vegetables,
knowing all these yummy things are going into our lunch,
heart tartes!

3 Comments on “Happiness in the Kitchen

  1. I love your happy dancing vegetable. 🙂 What is that green twirly thing? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

  2. I love romanesco (the green twirly thing…at least, that's what it's called here in Portland)! Not that it tastes more fabulous, but that it just looks so fun in my fridge and on our plates. Especially when I can find it in purple.

  3. Wow—you can get it in PURPLE? SO cool! And how do you prepare/serve it…just like cauliflower? I was a bit disappointed because once I chopped it up and cooked it (and I over-cooked it a bit) it lost its color, texture, and shape. But it was fun while it lasted!