Autumn Bike Tour

Jay’s been wanting to do a several-day bike trip for a few years now. I’d been dragging my heels a bit because every time we would go on a bike ride and hills were involved (which, in our neck of the woods is pretty much every single time) I felt like I was going to die within roughly three minutes. So I couldn’t really imagine trying to ride all day long for multiple days in a row.

We started going out on more and more short rides, and I realized I really enjoyed it, and I even began to conquer my hatred and fear of hills. We worked up to doing a 50 mile ride two weeks ago and deemed ourselves ready for a trip.

We rode for four days and covered 300 kilometers, making a loop throughout our region of the Saône-et-Loire. Yes I was saddle-sore, yes I had to squelch my grumbling during a 25-mile hilly stretch (and when our 65 kilometer day turned into a 98 kilometer day), and yes sometimes biking for hours on end does get a bit boring. But mostly it was just incredibly satisfying to journey through the countryside with Jay, enjoying the beauty, the challenge, and the discovery together. I’d do it again.

Charolais cattle country

The second night there were no campgrounds available, so we had to stay in a B&B. I was SO disappointed; camping in the rain the previous night had been such a lovely experience. 

Tomettes (traditional hexagonal tiles) and hydrangeas…two of my favorite things.

The balcony where breakfast is served during the warmer months.

Such a clever self-portrait. 

I love the textures of ancient things

Sign in a garden: “Thieves not allowed.” Good to know.

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