Africa Memory Piece

This is a memory piece I did this weekend of our trip to Africa…a personal souvenir of our time there:
-the beauty of the plants and trees, especially the mango trees whose leaves are shown here…also representing the gardens and agricultural work being done,
-watching a bird (long-tailed widow bird or magpie shrike?) dance along the trail just ahead of us,
-the pattern in the fabric of a skirt given by a friend,
-the sun (a land of no winter),
-droplets of water representing the clean water brought to communities through well-drilling and well-rehabilitation.

Back in France, I am feeling nostalgic about our weeks in Africa. I personally did not do, or accomplish much of anything there, but I had the opportunity to observe, to meet, to sit and to be. And I am thankful for just that.

2 Comments on “Africa Memory Piece

  1. It was great to have you there and just watch you and Jay enjoy the people. I do not really know exactly why I love Africa but the people there amaze me in what they can do and how they enjoy life even in their poverty. I love to show outsiders the inside of Africa where people are back to the basics and enjoy each other much more than our hustle and bustle of life in the USA.