Africa Sketches

Here are some sketches I did while on our trip:

Berberati Porch 1
Berberati Guest House
Market Day Still Life
Bangui Guest House Backyard; Mango Tree
Berberati Porch 2
Cactus Silhouette
Breakfast Still Life

Africa Memory Piece

This is a memory piece I did this weekend of our trip to Africa…a personal souvenir of our time there:
-the beauty of the plants and trees, especially the mango trees whose leaves are shown here…also representing the gardens and agricultural work being done,
-watching a bird (long-tailed widow bird or magpie shrike?) dance along the trail just ahead of us,
-the pattern in the fabric of a skirt given by a friend,
-the sun (a land of no winter),
-droplets of water representing the clean water brought to communities through well-drilling and well-rehabilitation.

Back in France, I am feeling nostalgic about our weeks in Africa. I personally did not do, or accomplish much of anything there, but I had the opportunity to observe, to meet, to sit and to be. And I am thankful for just that.