Gatehouse Renovations: broken up floor

We live in the cutest little old stone cottage. But, adorable as it may be, has been needing a few renovations to turn it back into a family home. It most recently has been used as a dormitory, and before that the office of a publishing company. We took out a few walls to make a kitchen/dining/living area, but that left us with uneven floor surfaces and levels. So, we’ve embarked on the no-going-back task of re-doing the floors…meaning that Jay has now chipped off the tile and broken up the concrete…

It’ll take him a bit more work to get all the dirt, rubble, & gravel all evened out and level, and then he’ll be able to pour a new concrete floor. I am seriously impressed by how quickly he got the floor broken up, and that he’s able to figure out how to do all of this stuff.

Plans are:
-install radiant heating in the floor and consequently be able to remove the water heater taking up space on the kitchen wall (we’ll leave that to the pro’s)
-tile the floor (kitchen/living/dining room, hallway, and bathroom)
-install Ikea cabinets (the kitchen previously just had the one cabinet shown above to the left of the fridge—it’s difficult to see b/c it’s white—and a cabinet under the sink.)
-finish the walls (wood paneling painted white)
-paint the ceiling

I really think we can get this all finished by Christmas…Jay’s not quite so optimistic.

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