Studio Visit: Blandine Desbois-Berthet

Today being a perfect fall day, Jay and I went on a bike ride on the “voie verte,” an old train track turned bike trail. I thought it would be pretty flat, since it was supposed to be on the old train line…but the section we did went off the original line, and was quite hilly. I think it was the hardest workout I’d had since college soccer.

It wasn’t without lovely views (like this castle, Berze-le-Chatel), which gave us the opportunity to stop and let our heart-rate even out.

Since we were in the Cluny area, we took the opportunity to stop by Blandine Desbois-Berthet’s pottery studio, “Poterie de Chateau,” located in the hamlet of Chateau.

It was a delightful visit; Blandine has that genuine, kind way about her that makes you want to stay all day in her workshop. And her view is to sigh for:

Blandine works on the wheel, and has a great collection of bowls, cups, vases (I found a bowl for a friend’s birthday present—happy 30th, Ashli!)…but she also has been developing these wonderfuly creative and spirited sculptures that you can tell she is just loving working on.

(in the above photo, it looks like the man she’s sculpting is sitting on the elephant…that’s just due to my camera angle. see below for the correct elephant-rider!)

I’m just in love with her shop, studio, work…if you’re in the area you’ve got to stop by. She’s working on getting a website up, soon; I’ll put her site address up when it’s ready.

Thanks, Blandine, for sharing your work with us and giving us a peek into your studio! Best wishes!

Poterie de Chateau
Saint Leger
Tel: 03 85 59 07 38

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